Enjoy Coca-Cola… and Yellow Button Poms

IMG_6675aa wmI am Loving my new Coca-Cola “vase.”  I was at the grocery store and couldn’t resist these happy little Yellow Button Pom flowers… I had to celebrate it finally being Spring here in South Carolina!  But naturally I came home to realize all of our vases were way too large for my small bouquet.  Solution!  Coca-Cola to the rescue!  I knew that adorable metal Coca-Cola bottle would come in handy.  I was so pleased with how it turned out, I decided it justified a little photo shoot.

IMG_6659a wm IMG_6707a wm

And of course once I started with the Coca-Cola bottle, I wanted to continue the fun.  I love the look of the Yellow Button Poms with my Zinger Brau Root Beer bottle as well!  (oh, and in case you haven’t heard… Zinger Brau Microbrewery here in Columbia, South Carolina makes the BEST beer I’ve ever had!!  Ask me how to get some!!!)IMG_6689a wm IMG_6680a wmHope you are now inspired to go out and celebrate Spring too!  Happy Friday!



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