The Best of the Best… 2013 Top 10

2013 was such a great year!  I’ve spent the last hour looking back at my year through this blog, and I’ve realized just how much I got accomplished and how blessed my year has been.  To celebrate this great year, I’ve decided to re-post my favorite 10 posts of the year (choosing was difficult!).  I really hope you enjoy, and thank you so much for following my blog! Happy New Year!!!

1.  Marty McFly.IMG_0182a wm


2. Thistle in the Sun.

michael 365a wm


3. Charleston Alleyway.

213a wm


4.  Geranium Leaves.

IMG_9001a wm


5.  Welcome to Carolina Beach.

IMG_9871a wm


6.  Angel Oak Tree.IMG_1009a wm


7.  Gervais Street Bridge Sunrise… Sunrise and Fog.sunrise 3a wm


8.  Dandelion… A Closer Look.IMG_9399a wm


9.  Speckled Autumn Leaves.IMG_0042a wm


10.  Geranium Buds.

IMG_8973a wm


Welcome to 2014!  Looking forward to a great year.

Stick around and check out the beauty all around me!







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