Sidesaddle Puppy.

Sidesaddle Puppy.

So Zoe (our puppy) has been driving me nuts all evening. She’s being super cute and cuddly while I put together a presentation for work… but to show her affection she keeps pawing my arms. Apparently she had nothing better to do in her cage all afternoon than gnaw her little toenails into daggers, because those things are SHARP! I now have scratches all over the place… thanks Zoe. But anyways, I was sitting here being annoyed when I was reminded of this picture I took of her last month in our parking lot. This is how she always sits, because she’s so long (dachshund mix). I call it her sidesaddle pose.  I think it’s adorable. How can I be annoyed at those cute little paws!!?

p.s. As I’m posting this, she’s resting her head on my lap and gazing up at me. Apparently she can read and feels bad. 🙂 Feeling loved.


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