The Docks at Sunset.

The Docks at Sunset.

The perfect lighting can transform your mood entirely. I could be having a terrible day, with nothing going right, running late, and not feeling well… then all the sudden walk outside into the most beautiful dusk light and all my problems will just melt away. It’s those moments that you see the sun breaking through the clouds or when you see a rainbow after a storm or an amazing sunset turns the ground shades of pink and purple and gold… it’s these moments that make you stop and say, “Thank you, God, for letting me be alive today. And thank you for reminding me my problems aren’t so big after all.”
When I saw this sunset over the docks at Hilton Head, I had this feeling, and felt very lucky to be with family. I hope you have a similar feeling today as well.


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  1. I think light can transform anything — whether it be a scene, an image, or a mood! Thank you for sharing your “thankful” moment — those are very precious!

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